Poor Performance Case

2020-06-27T14:16:11+01:0027 Jun|Equine Case Study|

Ringo is a 12yo 15hh Traditional Cob who has been with his current owner for 2.5 years. He had a baseline set of scans taken in 2015 which proved very useful for our veterinary team to refer back to. In [...]

Degenerative Joint Disease – IR Detection

2020-06-26T12:15:59+01:0026 Jun|Equine Case Study|

HISTORY AND SUBJECTIVE COMPLAINTS: Lameness was first observed  in this 10yo mare, 4 weeks prior imaging.  Veterinary treatment /investigation had consisted of  4 weeks box rest and a 2 week course of a phenylbutazone alternative which she was still taking [...]

Detecting Early Stage Pathology

2020-06-25T16:03:27+01:0025 Jun|Equine Case Study|

11 year old Warmblood x Thoroughbred mare that we originally assessed in February 2016 when her owner reported tendencies to ‘nap’ when turning on a tight circle to the left. She also favoured the LF after landing when jumping. There [...]

Collateral Ligament Tear – Deep Foot Pathology

2020-06-25T14:45:54+01:0024 Jun|Equine Case Study|

HISTORY AND SUBJECTIVE COMPLAINTSThe horse presented with a low grade, left fore limb lameness. As the lameness was subtle an impacting performance localising the potential pathology was the first step before further diagnostic could be performed. A full clinical examination [...]