Coby is a 4 year old Alaskan Malamute who fell into a ditch in May 2015. After the accident his owner noticed he was uncomfortable and then shortly after a low grade intermittent lameness developed in the right fore limb, occasionally presenting in the left fore.

Coby was initially investigated and X-rays of hips, shoulder, elbow and stifle joints showed no significant findings so he was referred to us for physiological infrared imaging. During our work-up, the lameness was observed in both forelimbs, Cody found it very difficult to stand still during screening and needed support and encouragement.  When stood still, there was a tendency for the left hind to be placed out to the left and he was guarded when working round his back legs.


Infrared imaging detected diffuse hyperthermic asymmetry of the of the right scapular region and on cranial views of the chest there was hyperthermic asymmetry of the right shoulder joint region. It was suspected that the primary issue  was with the right shoulder as there was weight transfer off the right fore to the left hind limb. Clinical correlation was advised.


Arthroscopy was performed on both shoulders and although they were found to be within normal limits instability of the medial glenohumeral ligament in the the right shoulder was detected, the ligament showed a small amount of wear which was thought to be causing the lameness.  Coby was injected with a long acting steroid into each shoulder joint, rested and prescribed tramadol to ease any discomfort during his rehabilitation. His owner reported that lameness subsided and Coby is now back to his normal activities.

Right shoulder inflammation of the glenohumeral ligament

Arthroscope of the right shoulder showing wear.