Veterinary Infrared education (also known as thermography or thermology) has historically been limited. Many professionals do not understand the potential of the technology, how it can provide an overview of the entire patient, connecting a complex chain of events that leads to more effective investigation, prognosis and diagnosis. The benefits of using the technology and understanding its leading applications as well as limitations are not widely available nor offered in mainstream veterinary education. Vet-IR is passionate about filling this knowledge and skills gap in the industry, and is dedicated to the advancement of animal thermology education.

Our international team delivers a range of CPD courses for the professional sectors, including thermology imaging, veterinary interpretation programmes and an annual congresses for the academic community. In a few months we will launch a free membership platform for industry professionals that aims to educate, provide thermology advice and highlights the latest research data for paraprofessionals.

Vet-IR works to create a network of professionals that will be continually educated about these benefits, advancing applications and  limitations, also ensuring there are opportunities for students to learn about the technology in formal education.


We are delighted to be offering free industry membership subscription for veterinary surgeons and animal professionals. Becoming a member will provide you with 4 hours of free annual CPD lectures, regular technology updates, research reads and a series of discounted CPD courses. Members will learn how they can assist research projects and work with the technology in their field of work. Vet-IR’s news and research blog will fuel this platform, educating readers internationally, building a community of professionals that are up to date with the latest thermology education.


If you would like to become a member, follow the link and we will sign you up to the subscription ready for the launch.

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Vet-IR provides thermology imaging and interpretation training to veterinary surgeons and allied professionals. We can deliver training to individual vets or the entire practice, tailoring the package to suit your requirements. Training is delivered by our team of experienced vets, scientists, and trainers. Vet-IR also has an international team of imaging consultants that operate services under the Vet-IR/Species-IR umbrellas. For more information on becoming a Vet-IR consultant please contact us.


We offer a range of imaging courses specialising in equine, small animal, dromedary, livestock and zoology. Training is delivered via a combination of practical courses and online theory. A new Veterinary Thermologist Programme is set to launch this year teaching veterinary surgeons how to interpret, analyse and report in practice along with Vet-IR providing ongoing quality control support.

Full course information will soon be available via the below tabs, if you are interested in any of the courses then sign up to our mail subscription to be the first learn more and register your interest via our contact form.

Small animal
Veterinary Thermologist


We offer a range of CPD courses for all industry professionals. Members of Vet-IR receive 4 hours free CPD per year and a discount on CPD courses purchased. When you purchase one of the below CPD courses we will provide you with an Introduction to Animal Thermology course free of charge, as this sets the basis of your thermology learning. All courses come with an online CPD certificate and will start to become available from September 2020.

CPD topics cover a number of key areas;

Applications in Therapy – Physio & Osteopathy
Thermology in Farriery
Thermology & Acupuncture
Zoology Applications
Dromedary Sports Medicine
Equine Lameness & Poor Performance

Vet-IR Travelling Congress

In the name of education, we are set to launch the Vet-IR travelling congress for universities and educational establishments.

Thie Congress brings together a wealth of thermographic knowledge to inspire and educate the next generation of veterinary professionals, leading to further research opportunities and greater acceptance of the modality for the future. The team working under Vet-IR proactively collaborate in a research capacity with universities, vet students and zoos. Visit our research page for more information.



Vet-IR provides a range of educational lectures to fellow associations, educational establishment and private veterinary/ animal events. Contact us to discuss your request and we can advise on lecture options and presentations to suit your