14 year old dromedary cow suffering with hindlimb stiffness who was monitored over a three month period.
IR imaging detected left carpel inflammation and thermal asymmetry with diffuse hyperthermia on the dorsal aspect of the hindlimb phalanges of the left foot.  Focal hyperthermia on the caudo-lateral aspect of the collateral tarsal ligament of the right hock was also detected. This resolved at 3-month scan but a new finding is noted in right fetlock.

Focal hyperthermia on the sacrococcygeal area was also detected correlating with the reported hind limb stiffness.

Important Note: Although much of Vet-IR’s work carefully follows specific image capture and patient preparation protocols to achieve clinical standard IR imaging, this is often not possible in a Zoo setting. This is where knowledge of the technology, its limitations and science of thermography becomes critical when imaging Zoo animals, to achieve valid data sets for veterinary interpretation.

All resultshave been interpreted by a Vet-IR trained veterinary thermologist.