“Dedicated to the advancement of animal thermology across all species, setting industry standards in IR physiological imaging and evolving clinical applications via research and education. “

Today we are delighted to formally introduce Vet-IR to the animal industry. Focused on delivering a clinical standard approach to physiological Infrared (IR) imaging, research, training, and education to veterinary surgeons and the wider academic community. Vet-IR offers veterinary practices the opportunity to deliver IR imaging to their patients directly or by selecting our in-house quality controlled infrared imaging consultancy and interpretation service, specialising in equine, small animal, zoology, dromedary, exotics, and livestock.



Vet-IR aims to set industry standards, deliver academic programs, and advance clinical applications across a wide variety of species via research. Our network of vets, scientists, and consultants work to assist veterinary diagnosis, improving the detection and monitoring of disease and injury, contributing to the evolution of animal welfare standards globally. 

Our dedicated Zoology branch, Species-IR offers consultancy, education, imaging training, and specialist research services within the wider animal field.  Species-IR has launched a unique project called the IR Atlas Project which aims to collate quality controlled thermology data from a diverse range of species forming an index of IR imaging applications in relation to disease detection. This is a long-term project run in collaboration with a number of institutions and will form a global education resource for practising vets, vet students in training, zoos and zoologists. 

Dr Liat Wicks, Vet-IR Partner and Zoology Lead

“The IR Atlas Project is a very exciting project to be heading up. There is nothing out there like it in the market place to assist and guide the field of veterinary and animal thermography in relation to disease pathology detection. Being able to collate high quality data from research and case studies together in one place, will greatly benefit veterinary education, research and zoology applications worldwide.”

Over the coming months, Vet-IR is set to launch a new members area for vets and animal professionals that will deliver 4 hours of free CPD to industry professionals,  provide the latest IR Atlas updates/ education, research digests, clinical case studies and opportunities to become involved in projects. The Vet-IR members subscription is set to be the educational hub for animal thermology, helping to guide professionals as they utilise the technology in their field of work. Members platform is free for professionals and we hope it will be a valuable resource for industry members. 

Training for professionals will be available from September 2020 delivering across a wider variety of species along with a range of new and exciting CPD courses. We are delighted to be joined in collaboration with leading industry professionals to bring academic thermology programmes to the veterinary industry. 

The Equine Documentalist & Vet-IR Founding Member Yogi Sharp

“When I understood that thermography was confirming my suspicion about higher issues being connected to foot morphology it opened up a world of possibilities for research and education. Working with Vet-IR to deliver this content to the world professionals is an exciting time for IR Imaging and animal welfare.” 

IR research is at the top of the list and it is set to be a jam-packed schedule with several projects accepted and underway. Our Zoology branch is embarking on some exciting welfare projects that aim to assist international zoos detect a range of diseases in the earlier stages. Vet-IR aims to fuel international thermographic research and collate it under the IR Atlas Project.

Infrared Imaging, also known as thermal imaging has been gaining momentum for several years and is part of veterinary medicine’s future, with this in mind Vet-IR has been busy developing the Species Interpretation and Analysis server (S.I.A) that will support quality controlled IR animal imaging internationally.

 Kat Kuczynska, Vet-IR Partner

“S.I.A is the game-changer. Needing more data isn’t the problem for the infrared industry. Our problem is better using the data we already have. S.I.A will forever change the face of the veterinary infrared industry and the way we do research.”

Vet-IR delivers clinical quality that professionals can rely on. We are looking forward to the development of Vet-IR over the coming years, collaborating with our excellent team and  allied veterinary professionals who are all passionate about evolving IR technology within the industry. 

Sophie Gent, Vet-IR Partner

“Vet-IR is more than just a business, it is a project, a collaboration between many minds to inspire the next phase of IR technology development”

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