Ringo is a 12yo 15hh Traditional Cob who has been with his current owner for 2.5 years.

He had a baseline set of scans taken in 2015 which proved very useful for our veterinary team to refer back to. In spring 2017 he had a full body scan, as his very experienced owner, was finding him reluctant to go forward. His chiropractor also found him to be sore in the back, pelvis and hamstrings.


  • Neck: There is focal hyperthermia over the right caudal cervical region that is mildly exacerbated by exercise. These findings would indicate closer examination of neck flexibility/range of movement in order to investigate OA of the caudal articular process joints (APJs).

  • Hocks: This inconsistent thermal pattern may be caused by mild inflammation of the small tarsal joints, although the lack of response to flexion testing detailed in the history would question the clinical relevance of this finding.

  • Back: This thermal pattern may be consistent with inflammation of the soft tissue structures associated with the DSPs of the mid-thoracic vertebrae (e.g. supraspinous ligament, multifidus mm.), and in severe cases, over-riding of the DSPs themselves.

  • Pelvis: This thermal pattern may be consistent with stiffness through the gluteal musculature, and in severe cases inflammation of the sacroiliac joints and their associated ligaments.


  • Neck: Possible mild changes consistent with oa of cervical facets at C6 level – shock wave course. 10 week review scan showed improvement.
  • Hocks: not positive to flexion in Spring 17. In Dec 17 RH flexion positive. Radiograph showed modelling RH TMT. Both TMT’s have now been medicated
  • Back: Upon investigation, some lumbar-sacral back spasm was found. Radiograph showed impinging DSP’s over saddle area.
  • Pelvis: SI medicated – 10 week review scan showed improvement post treatment